Behind the Blog

Hello! My name is Mariah. I am currently a college student (Senior!) in North Carolina majoring in Political Science and Public Policy. You’re probably thinking: “But that has nothing to do with the content of your blog!” Well, that was kind of the point. Blogging and is a hobby so I like to do it in my spare time and beauty and fashion are just topics that interest me. I added the lifestyle section because I wanted some variety on my blog, and it’s something I can write about as I go through my life experiences.

Some Random Facts About Me

  • I have an obsession with traveling even though I haven’t been many places.
  • I’m afraid of heights.
  • I met Shaquille O’ Neal.
  • I’m a huge Disney fan. (Yep, I’m a big kid at heart).

I simply want to create a place where people can share and exchange opinions, ideas and tips about anything fashion, beauty, or lifestyle-related . So, I hope you all enjoy!

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